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Benefits of using our Equipment 

Huebsch Logo - A Trusted brand of laundromat in clarksville, tn At the Great American Laundromat, we want our customers to have an amazing experience every time they come in to do laundry! That is why our laundromat washers and dryers are top-of-the-line and heavy-duty. Our large machines come from the trusted commercial laundry equipment retailer, Huebsch. Whether you have to do a quick load of essentials, need to wash an industrial or oversized item like a comforter, we have you covered. Want to give your TA-50 field gear a good cleaning, no problem. With our reliable and innovative washers and dryers from Huebsch, washing tough loads is a breeze.

Superfast spin cycles mean time saved drying!

Our machinery is crafted with cutting-edge technology that makes it the most efficient on the market. This means a quick and seamless experience every time you do laundry with us. In addition to offering quick and customizable wash and dry cycles, we also offer a variety of washer and dryer sizes, so that you can get even your biggest loads done in an efficient manner. Want to save even more time? Check out our drop off laundry service! You can simply drop off your laundry with one of our professionals, and come back later to a nice, folded pile of clean clothes!

Cost-Effective – Cleaner Washes and Faster Drying

The efficiency of our machinery also saves our customers money! Instead of running the dryer multiple times, our durable Huebsch machinery will get your laundry dry on the first run. Our variety of washer and dryer sizes also eliminate the need to do multiple loads of laundry, giving you the option to consolidate your laundry into fewer loads.

Easy to Use Laundry Equipment

Our innovative Huebsch washers and dryers are also easy to use, with touchscreen panels! These panels allow you to customize your wash and dry cycles to match your needs. Even better, they come equipped with FasCard technology that allows you to pay directly with whatever payment option is easiest for you. These payment options include credit, debit, or cash. Our laundromat washers and dryers are also equipped with a loyalty rewards card system. So you can save time and money the more you wash and dry!